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Thank you for the opportunity to endorse your product.  It is a wonderful convenience for both our team and our patients.  It saves us literally hours each week.  Since almost all of our patients are new, we have to fill out many forms and enter the information in the computer.  Prior to using your service, the patient had several minutes to wait upon arrival before they could be seen.  It now takes only seconds.  We know who they are before they walk through the door.


Terry L. Isom DMD

Secure Forms Vault

Finally, your patients can submit their patient forms online!

Secure Forms Vault creates HIPAA compliant medical and dental forms that can be completed online and submitted online, on any device. Forms can be submitted via computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android tablet, virtually any device that can access the internet.

Secure, HIPAA Compliant,
Online Medical & Dental Form Submission
How our forms service works:
  • Obtain a template form or custom form from Secure Forms Vault
  • Put a link on your website to your form that resides on our 256-bit encrypted secure server
  • Your patient goes to your website, clicks the link and completes the form
  • When your patient submits a completed form, your office is notified via email, and your patient is returned to your website and also receives a "Thank You" email that looks like it is from your office.
  • You simply log into to see a list of completed forms for your office, with the newest submitted forms at the top
  • You can print, export to PDF for saving or printing, export to CSV (Microsoft Excel) and delete the patient records once you have the information retrieved.
The benefits are:
  • Patients complete their "New Patient Forms" at their convenience instead of your waiting room
  • Typed forms are always easier to read than handwriting
  • No restrictions on number of forms submitted monthly
  • Form links can be emailed - A website is not required